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Here I present my skills as they are today, they can still change because I am still learning about web design.

Until now I've been learning how to work with HTML, CSS or SASS, which I can manage very wel. That along with JavaScript and jQuery, I can build good looking and dynamic websites, that's what I love to do!

I also learned to design a website using Illustrator and Sketch, wich I mastered very well.

PHP development is something I like to do. Specially the framworks like Codeigniter and Laravel.

My mother tongue is Dutch, I speak good English but my French is really bad.

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How did it start

"webdesign is Cool"

Hi my name is Marijn Rutten. At Thomas More University I am currently studying Interactive Multimedia Design/Development (IMD). I mainly focus on webdesign and web development. Front-end development is something I love to do. I am capable of delivering a full web project from wireframes till launch. I’m eager to learn, work well in team and have a creative mind set.

Friends know me as a computer geek, a little strange, Introvert and crazy sometimes but very fun to hang with if you get to know me better.


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